Dan McGeady (far right) at his photographic exhibition Foreign Lands at Kachette.

Dan McGeady (far right) at his photographic exhibition Foreign Lands at Kachette.

This is the first in a series of Q&A's with our event team to give you a better understanding of what we do at Shoreditch London and share an insight into our teams passion for events.

Dan McGeady has worked as an event production manager for 6 years. Before joining our events team in August 2015, Dan worked for Vice, Glastonbury Festival, Strong & Co and Shoreditch Works. Dan also curates his own music and art events including the recent photography exhibition Foreign Lands at Kachette and his annual music and visual arts festival Kallida Festival at Baskerville Hall in Hereford, Wales. 

What are some of the biggest daily challenges you face in your job?

"Problem solving and adapting to changes that present themselves on the day, to ensure that any request, oversight or amendment can be adapted and rectified to ensure the best possible outcome for the client on the day during the events or lead up the event."

Kachette & Shoreditch Studios are different size venues with different features. Which events are best suited to each venue?

"Kachette is more suited to parties and intimate live performances and Shoreditch Studio is more suited to product launches, exhibitions, weddings and showcase style events."

What are the benefits to booking a dry hire venue?

"Flexibility and freedom to produce and create your own event to your style."

What extra costs should people look out for when making a venue booking?

"Lighting can often be overlooked so its worth setting aside a budget for lighting. This is key to bringing the venue to life."

Are there any new trends emerging in the events you host?

"There is definitely an increase in photo booths and gif generating booths at recent events. Street food traders have also become a popular choice for event catering. Many events are now integrating live streams into their events too." 

What impact have new technologies had on the events industry over the past few years?

"The move towards a more digital interface for events, means there has been a push towards increasing an audience engagement online."

What areas of event organisation do you think need more attention or are often overlooked by clients?

"Having an event manager that can oversee the event are particularly key for events such as weddings. It helps if the event manager knows the venue too as sometimes an external event manager can make plans or suggestions that are not going to work in the venue. Its my job to work with the client, event manager and any production companies and suppliers to make sure the event runs smoothly."

What makes Shoreditch London stand out from other London based event companies?

"We have a range of venues, equipment and staff on hand to make your event run to your needs and requirements. I really enjoy working for Shoreditch London. The position allows me the opportunity to work on interesting events with the flexibility to take time off when I coordinate my own events."  

Got a question for Dan? 
Get in touch: dan@shoreditch.com or 020 7033 9006