Q&A with Olly Howard PF Events

PF Events are a London based event and production company that supply technical, creative and video production services. PF have always been our go to supplier for tech support, tech staffing and event production for conferences, gaming events or any event which requires skilled AV, lighting and sound equipment, technicians and event production. PF events have collaborated with Shoreditch London on countless events across our two venues so its like they are part of our team.

PF's Olly Howard joins us for a behind the scenes chat on PF event production.     

Can you describe what services PF events provide?

At PF we specialise in working with our clients to create a bespoke event that turns their vision into a premium event. By combining over ten years of event experience with cutting edge technical knowledge we are able to find the ideal solution for every possible event, venue, or client. 

What is your favourite event to work on ?

One of the great joys of working in this industry is the huge variety of events we get to be a part of. We worked on giant music festivals, we have done high end weddings and exquisite corporate do’s, and definitely done our share of gaming and tech conferences. There’s distinct positives to each style, but there is something particularly compelling about reinventing stuffy conferences into inspiring, and eye-catching places to share ideas.

What do you like most about working in our dry hire venues ?

In a word – versatility. A good venue will have core architectural features that add intrigue to visitors, but a great venue allows you build off of those base features in whichever direction you choose, not limiting the possibilities. This, both Kachette and Shoreditch Studios have in spades.

Which areas of event production do you think deserve more budget to create a memorable event space ?

The answer to this is definitely lighting. As good video and audio are often required for an event to happen, lights are often relegated to the non-essential. But proper lighting, properly installed, will transform any space, add ambience and make your event stick with your guests long after they have left the venue. 

What makes PF stand out from all the other event production companies in London?

Attention to detail. It’s relatively easy in events to get the big stuff right, but it’s the small things, like having technicians who are not only skilled but happy and able to help with last minute requests, or going back and forth with clients to ensure the end result is exactly the event they envisioned, that elevate our service.

PF events: sales@pfevents.com / Website / Facebook

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