Please have a read through some of the common FAQs we receive from couples. If you have any other questions (even random ones), we are happy to answer anything you need to know.

Email, call the office on 020 7033 9006 or bring a list of questions to your site visit and we will work our way through your questions with you. Please also take a look at our comprehensive event manual for Kachette and Shoreditch Studios which can be downloaded here.

There are also some great wedding planning resources on our Wedding Blog which are definitely worth a read including our wedding planning guide, more than 20 featured wedding galleries and plenty of tips to manage your wedding expenses.

Venue Bookings

What is a dry hire wedding venue?

A dry hire venue or ‘dry hire wedding’ refers to hiring a venue as a blank canvas or empty space rather than an all inclusive venue hire and catering package. In a dry hire venue, you have the option to design your own bespoke wedding and work with any caterer, furniture, bar or lighting supplier. We can recommend suppliers who have worked in the venues or you can shop around and find suppliers or a caterer that fits with your vision.

Shoreditch London venues Shoreditch Studios and Kachette are both dry hire spaces. The venues do not have tables and chairs, a kitchen or wedding specific lights on site so they need to be hired and brought in to the venue for your wedding.

Our experienced team have helped couples plan and book weddings in our dry hire wedding venues for years so are more than happy to help with any questions you have. Feel free to bring a list of questions when you come down to see the venues!

What is included with venue dry hire?

Included in Shoreditch Studios dry hire fee:

  • Venue hire from 9am to midnight

  • Late extensions or early venue access available for an additional fee

  • Courtyard (8pm curfew for guests)

  • Duty manager

  • Mezzanine lounge

  • Two green rooms (One green room can be used for the cloakroom)

  • PA system in Studio 1 and 2

  • 100Mb dedicated fibre internet service (symmetrical)

  • Access to container for storage during live event

  • Post event cleaning

Included in Kachette dry hire fee:

  • Venue hire from 10am to midnight

  • Late extensions or early venue access available for an additional fee

  • Courtyard (for loading and catering only)

  • Duty manager

  • PA system in Studio 1 and 2

  • Basic lighting in Arch 1 and 2

  • Production office

  • Cloakroom

  • 100Mb dedicated fibre internet service (symmetrical)

  • Access to container for storage during live event

  • Post event cleaning

What is not included with venue dry hire?

  • Ceremony and reception furniture. We can help with furniture suppliers for anything you need.

  • Bar structure, bar staff and alcohol. We can help with suppliers for anything you need. If you want to manage your own bar, you can hire in a bar structure and BYO alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. One of your bar staff will need to have a personal licence. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our caterers to discuss a bespoke catering and bar package.

  • Catering. We can help with catering suppliers for anything you need, you can source your own catering supplier or you can BYO food and catering staff.

  • Lighting. Lighting is extremely important and often overlooked in couples wedding budgets. Lighting sets the mood for the venue. If a venue is too bright or too dark, it will make it difficult to capture great wedding photos. Shoreditch London wedding clients usually book a range of dimmable lighting to create different moods throughout the evening and reception party. This includes festoons, up-lighters, fairy lights and some party lighting in Studio 2. Packages usually cost around £1,300+VAT (including lighting, crew, delivery, collection, install and de-rig). Our lighting suppliers can provide you with a no obligation quote for any lighting you need or you are welcome to shop around a find a lighting supplier of your own choice.

  • Hackney Council registrar fees. If you wish to host a civil ceremony in our venue, you will need to book a registrar with Hackney Council. Hackney registrars can be booked out more that 6 months in advance so please book the registrar as soon as you confirm your venue booking with us.

  • Waste removal. Waste removal is priced at £45 per large bin (+VAT). Weddings usually have 2 large bins worth of waste so the average cost for waste collection is £108 inclusive of VAT.

  • Event staff. It is essential that you have a co-ordinator on site to manage your wedding day. They will ensure all deliveries arrive on time and everything runs smoothly for your wedding day. We can recommend experienced wedding co-ordinators and wedding planners who have worked on previous weddings. You may also wish to hire additional staff to help manage your wedding day such as a toilet cleaner, cloakroom attendant or bar/catering staff if they are not provided by your caterer or bar supplier. Please ask if you have any questions.

What else is required with my venue booking?

All weddings and events in our venues must have Public Liability Insurance, SIA security an a wedding coordinator.

The average cost for wedding Public Liability Insurance in our venues is between £80-£100. Subject to opening hours, the number of guests attending and your insurer. Documentation for the insurance must be given to the venue at least a week before your wedding date. Please ask if you have any questions.

SIA security is required for all events in our venues as part of our premises licence. Security must be booked directly through Shoreditch London. All weddings and events open after 8pm require three security guards on site. One SIA security guard will need to be on site 30 minutes before guests arrive. Two or three security security guards will be on site during your wedding ceremony and reception and one security guard will be required to stay back during the pack-down to ensure all guests and event staff leave the venue safely.

The average cost for SIA security at weddings is £350 to £450 + VAT (price varies according to opening hours). We can quote you security costs once we know your opening hours and guest numbers. SIA security rates will be included in your production invoice which must be paid in full 2 weeks from your wedding day.

We require all weddings to have a dedicated co-ordinator on the day. This can range from a wedding planner who is involved in your wedding preparation from the start of your journey, to someone who you meet a couple of times before the big day to run through your schedule, which they will then manage.

They will be responsible for managing the various suppliers setting up, the live event, and the de-rig at the end of the night. We can recommend experienced wedding planners and co-ordinators who are familiar with our venues. Having a co-ordinator will ensure you can enjoy your big day with your family and friends, without having to deal with any of the logistics!

We provide a duty manager as part of the hire. They will be onsite for the duration of the wedding, and on hand for any venue-related questions. Please note, the duty manager is not responsible for running the wedding itself.


Do we have to pay a venue damage deposit or damage waiver?

Yes, all wedding and event bookings in our venues are required to pay a refundable damage waiver of £1500. This will be returned to you one or two working day after your wedding. If there is any damage to the venue, any deductions from your £1500 will be discussed with you then taken off your damage waiver.

Venue damage at weddings is rare but on occasion we have had minor damages to the venue like a broken bathroom mirror. Other deductions that we may take from your damage waiver are last minute expenses like an extra bar staff member that was booked on your wedding day or if there is more waste to remove from the venue than the usual two full bins. 

Is it possible to get a late extension for our wedding?

Yes, both venues are licensed until midnight but late extensions are available for an additional fee for any couples planning to party past midnight. There is a fee of £300 per hour (+VAT) for each extra hour you want to stay open. We will need to apply for a temporary event notice (TEN) with Hackney Council which can take 2-4 weeks. For the TEN application, we will need contact details for any DJ's or bands performing in the venue.

When can we come and have a look at the venues?

Shoreditch Studios viewings are available Monday to Friday at 1:30pm for restricted lunchtime viewing, or at 6:30pm for a full viewing. The venue is not available for viewings at other times due to photographic shoots or live events taking place in the venue. We highly recommend a full viewing at 6.30pm.*

Kachette viewings are available Monday to Friday 10:00am to 6:30pm subject to venue availability.*

*Please note - Weekend viewings are not possible at either venue.


How long can we provisionally hold a date?

We can provisionally hold dates until another client enquiries about the date. When holding a date we will inform you whether you are the first pencil (1st option), or second pencil (2nd option) on that date.

We operate a first-come, first-served policy with regards to putting any pencils on dates. If you are 2nd option on a date and ready to put down a deposit and sign a contract, and the 1st option cannot do so within 24hrs, then you can secure the date.

Please note, we do not take any pencils for December dates.


What deposit do we have to pay when we confirm a date?

To secure your booking we will require a signed contract and 50% of the dry-hire fee. The dry-hire balance will be required one month before your event. Any production costs (security, waste collection, refundable damage waiver) need to be paid 14 days before your wedding day.


Will ours be the only wedding at your venue on our wedding day?

Yes, all wedding bookings at our venues are exclusive and we never double book dates.


How many guests can we invite for a civil wedding ceremony?

Shoreditch Studios and Kachette are both licensed for civil ceremonies.

Shoreditch Studios can accommodate up to 150 guests seated theatre style in Studio 1.

Kachette can accommodate up to 60 guests seated theatre style (with standing room for an additional 50 guests) in Arch 1, and up to 110 guests seated theatre style in Arch 2.

Do we have to pay any extra for the civil wedding ceremony?

No, Shoreditch London does not charge extra for hosting civil ceremonies. You will be required to pay Hackney Council registration fees for conducting the ceremony.

Do we have to book the registrar separately?

Yes, it is a legal requirement that you contact the Hackney Council registrar and ensure they are available to conduct a Civil Ceremony on the date you have chosen. It is recommended you apply with the Registrar at least three months before your ceremony.

More information can be found on Hackney Council’s approved premises website.

Booking a Civil Wedding Ceremony.

Contact our event team to check venue availability, discuss your wedding needs and budget, and make a provisional booking of the venue.

Complete and submit a Hackney Council registrar booking form via email or mail it to Registration Services, Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, E8 1DY. Or speak to the Hackney Ceremonies department on 020 8356 3355.

Can non-UK residents get married in the venues?

Yes, if you wish to get married or form a civil partnership in England and one or both of you are not a resident or citizen in this country, then you must first establish a residency of seven clear days within a district in England.

You will also need to make an appointment with Hackney Council before booking the venue to give notice for your marriage or civil partnership. The waiting time once you have given written notice can be up to 3 months, less for EEA citizens. Contact Hackney Council or your embassy for more details.

Can we host a humanist ceremony in the venues?

Yes, you can have a humanist ceremony in our venues. A humanist ceremony is a celebration rather than a legal ceremony. If you choose to have a humanist ceremony but also wish to be legally married, you will also need to arrange to be legally married with Hackney council, your local council registrar, or your local town hall.

Venue Capacities

What is the maximum capacity of seated / standing guests we can have for a reception?

Shoreditch Studios can accommodate 170 guests banquet style (150 guests if you would like a top table) or 120 guests cabaret style (100 guests with top table). You are also welcome to invite extra guests for the reception party. Shoreditch Studios is licensed for 350 standing guests but its advisable to keep the number of guests to around 200 for a standing reception party. All entertainment (bands / DJ's) need to perform in Studio 2 which is soundproofed for late night events.

Kachette can accommodate 115 guests seated banquet style in Arch 2 (cabaret style is not suitable). Kachette is licensed to accommodate up to 330 standing guests across both arches but its advisable to keep your standing reception guest numbers to 180 in Arch 1 or 200 for a whole venue booking. This will avoid overcrowding as majority of your wedding guests will be partying in one room during the evening's entertainment.

Catering & Bar

Do you allow external caterers?

Yes, we allow external caterers at both our Shoreditch venues.

Shoreditch London also work with a range of preferred suppliers who regularly cater for our weddings at Shoreditch Studios and Kachette, and understand the spaces. Our caterers offer a wide range of options; from sharing platters and street food, to more traditional 3-course sit down meals.

Where can the caterers setup?

We have designated catering area in the courtyard. Caterers can setup self contained catering marquee's or operate out of street food vans. We hire courtyard kitchen facilities which caterers can setup in if required for £200 (+VAT) which include a marquee and power distro.


Do you allow cooking inside the venues?

Most events in our venues are fully catered outside. We allow cold food preparation, bain-maries or food reheating inside the venues but any gas cooking or ovens are to be setup outside as there is no kitchen facilities or ducted ventilation setup indoors.


Is there a corkage fee or a minimum spend on food or beverages?

We do not charge any corkage or buyout fees for external catering. Catering terms are subject to the conditions of your caterer.


Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes, it’s possible to provide your own alcohol. Please note the provision of alcohol on the day must be managed by someone with a Personal Licence (bar staff, not a guest).


What times does the venue’s premises licence allow the consumption of alcohol?

Shoreditch Studios is licensed from 9am until midnight.

Kachette is licensed from 10am until midnight.

It is possible to extend the licence after midnight by applying for a Temporary Event Notice up to 3am for £300(+VAT) per hour. Please note we only have a limited amount of these applications per year.

Venue Rules & Decorations

Can we bring pets to our wedding?

Yes! Pets are welcome in our venues, as long as we get some photos .)

Can we use candles in the venues?

Yes, candles can be used inside or outside our venues. Candles can also be hung from the lighting truss. All candles must be in a jar or vessel which is higher than the tip of the flame.

Can we have an open flames in the venues?

We do allow small controlled open flames in our venues if they are required for traditional wedding ceremonies. Please discuss with our venue manager prior to the booking.

Can we have confetti or rose petals?

Yes, we allow both in our venues. Confetti can also be used outside the venue in the courtyard at Shoreditch Studios. Please use biodegradable confetti only.

Can we have helium balloons?

Yes, although they must be secured and weighted. If any balloons are let loose they can reach parts of the ceiling which are not accessible by ladder. There could be a charge involved if we need to get someone in to remove any balloons.

Can we use smoke machines in the venues?

Yes, we allow use of smoke machines or dry ice in the venues. Please discuss your plans with your production manager before your wedding day.

Can we hang anything on the walls of the venues?

Yes, we have catenary wire on most walls in our venues to hang decorations, seating plans or menus. You are not able to drill any holes in the walls. The white walls can also be used from projecting videos or broadcasting a live video stream or Skype call with any guests who can't attend. All lighting, projectors any large or heavy decorations can be hung from the roof lighting truss.

Logistics & Access

What time can we access the venue?

Shoreditch Studios can be accessed from 9am on your wedding day.

Kachette can be accessed from 10am on your wedding day.

All deliveries need to arrive during venue access times unless previously arranged. You will have storage container access where some items can be stored and delivered the previous day (if wedding date is on a Saturday).

Both venues have loading bays and on site parking for up to 3-4 cars during loading times. Large trucks can also load and drop off deliveries but all vehicles need to be off site one hour before guests arrive. Coordinate with the venue production manager and your on site event manager to confirm loading and setup times for all suppliers.


Where do we load in / out for our wedding?

Kachette has loading access and on site parking for up to 2 cars during loading times. Large trucks can also load and drop off deliveries but all vehicles need to be off site one hour before guests arrive. Coordinate with the venue production manager and your on site event manager to confirm loading and setup times for all suppliers.

Kachette's loading bay can be accessed via Drysdale Street N1 6NA. The first roller shutter on your left coming from Kingsland Road. Roller shutter dimensions: Width: 3.6m; Height: 3.5m

Is there any on site parking at the venue ?

There is no on site parking during weddings so please make sure all guests are aware and are given information on local car parks.

Shoreditch Studios has an arrangement with our neighbours Amnesty International where limited secure car parks can be booked if required. A £10 donation to Amnesty is required for each car parked. Parking in Amnesty's car park is subject to availability and the terms and conditions set out by Amnesty. Please contact your the event team for more information. 

When does everything need to be out of the venue?

2 hours pack-down is included with the venue hire. All caterers and external suppliers must pack-up and vacate the venue during this time. Any large items like furniture (tables / couches / seats) or bar structures must be collected that evening. This is the standard procedure with most suppliers which include delivery and collection in their hire rates.

We do allow storage of some smaller items to be left in our storage container at Shoreditch Studios or in the office at Kachette until the next working day but this is subject to space and our event schedule for that week. For more information on deliveries and collections, please email


Does the venue have disable access and facilities?

Shoreditch Studios has ground floor access and one access toilet facility in Studio 2.

Kachette has two steps at the Old Street entrance. Any disable patrons wishing to attend an event can call the venue or event promotor before attending and an access ramp can be hired for the event. Alternatively, ground level access can be arranged through the rear of the venue entering through the Drysdale entrance. Kachette has one access toilet facility in Arch 1.


Still have questions ?

Please enquire with your questions, call the office on 020 7033 9006 or bring a list of questions to your site visit and we will work our way through them with you.